About Pure Bred Cryptokitties

Whether you’re in it for pleasure or profit one of the best things in Cryptokitties is the ability to breed two kitties together. On one hand, breeding kitties is just about putting two kitties you like the look of together, on the other you almost need to be a geneticist. Kitties have four genes for each cattribute. There is one dominant gene (which is expressed) and three hidden genes. When two cats breed, they each pass forward a gene to compete for their kitten’s dominant gene spot. In Pure Breds all 4 genes, D1, H1, H2, and H3, are all the same guaranteeing that the kitty’s pure ‘catribute’ is passed on.  Don’t forget it takes two to tango so a ‘pure bred’ adds 50% to the mix.

All the kitties at Pure Bred Cryptokitties are owned by me, obviously my intention is to sire them for a small profit as a reward for the effort I put in checking out 1000’s of kitties.